Diamond/CBN Taper Cup Wheel

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Mainly used in the processing methods like plane grinding, edge grinding, such as various material of the circular saw blade, hard alloy, precision cer­amics, high speed steel; with the advantages of sharp cutting, good surface quality of the workpiece, good self-sharpening, low dressing frequency, good shape retention, long service life and so on.

Diameter  (mm)

Total Thickness  (mm)

Hole Diameter (mm)

Abrasive Layer Width (mm)

Abrasive Layer Thickness  (mm)


Electroplated diamond grinding wheel

Electroplated diamond grinding wheel is widely used in aerospace, automobile, hydraumatic bearings, mould, magnetic material, glass and other industries.

Metal bond diamond grinding wheel

Metal bond diamond grinding wheel is suitable for the normalization of automobile glass and standardized production.

Resin bond diamond & CBN grinding wheel

It is widely used in accurately grinding ceramic, glass, cemented carbide, hard alloy steel, etc..

Vitrified bond diamond & CBN grinding wheel

Vitrified bond diamond & CBN grinding wheel is widely used in grinding PCD, PCBN, tungsten carbide, wearable alloy steel,etc.

Remarks: Diamond abrasive grain can be adjusted according to customer’s requirement.We also offer customer-specific segment geometries, catering for every tooling concept and application. So as to aid customers in the selection and application of the most appropriate grade, we offer comprehensive technical literature and expert advice from our application-engineering team.

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